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Survival Game ‘Neo Scavenger’ Releasing as Soon as Saturday

If you’re looking for a deep turn-based survival game to play on your devices, you are in luck because it looks like the really fun Neo Scavenger might be coming to mobile as soon as this Saturday. The game’s developer said that he’s getting ready to launch the mobile version and is currently working on marketing materials. The game is already in review, and he’s hoping no major issues will pop up. If all goes as planned and the game makes it through the review process without any issues, the game will release this Saturday.

If you haven’t heard much about Neo Scavenger, this PC turn-based hex-grid survival game has you trying to survive in post-apocalyptic Michigan, navigating the wilderness and finding resources to help keep you alive as you try to learn more about who you are. With semi-randomized maps and permadeath, Neo Scavenger offers plenty of variety. It should be great fun on mobile.