Promising Space MMO ‘Hades’ Star’ Is Out Now, Looks Like a Mobile ‘EVE Online’

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If you’re been looking for a game like EVE Online to play on your phone, the just-released Hades’ Star (Free) might be it. We wrote about the game back when it was looking for Alpha Testers, and our forum members who tried it were quite happy with what they saw. Hades’ Star aims to be a less complicated version of something like EVE while still being deep and interesting. The developers built the game for mobile, keeping in mind that players usually jump in and out more than play for hours, so they focused on making it easy to play in small chunks.

You can explore a vast star system, colonize planets and develop them accordingly, build diplomatic relations with other players, build various ships to ensure you can both attack and defend while also mining and trading, and much more. And no one can steal your resources while you’re offline, which I’m sure will make many of you happy. I’ve been wanting to get into EVE Online for quite some time, but having a life and job got in the way of that. Hopefully Hades’ Star will be the perfect mobile replacement for it.

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