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Wacky Walking Game ‘Silly Walks’ Stumbling Onto the App Store August 10th

I’ve been pretty excited for Part Time Monkey’s upcoming game Silly Walks ever since first posting about it last month, and a lengthier gameplay trailer released a few days later has only intensified my need to play this silly game. Well that moment is moving ever closer as today the developer has announced that Silly Walks is locked and loaded for an August 10th release, and they’ve shared the game’s new app preview trailer with us in celebration of this momentous occasion.

In case the trailer wasn’t clear and you haven’t been following our previous coverage, Silly Walks is about taking control of food items who have sprung to life and apparently grown limbs and eyeballs. Your job is to navigate them through a gauntlet of hazardous household items and other foods that have also all seemingly sprung to life with an added thirst for killing you. It’s a tale as old as time itself, friends. Look for Silly Walks when it arrives for free on August 10th, and in the meantime hit up the forum thread for some discussion.