‘Motorsport Manager Mobile 2’ Hit the App Store Early This Morning

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As spotted by our eagle-eyed forum members at about 3:00 AM, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 ($5.99) hit the App Store. Motorsport Manager has turned into the game that everyone asks about in comments, so I hope this is good news to a bunch of people this morning who were wondering where it was in last night’s new game roundup. Alternatively, if you’re curious what this Motorsport Manager business is all about, Tasos put together a great article on the improvements in the sequel and we’ve got a review of the original from all the way back in 2014.

Tasos also spent a bunch of time streaming the game on our Twitch channel, and if you missed it you can see the VOD below:

Watch live video from TouchArcade on www.twitch.tv

I’ve never been that huge into this type of racing, but I’ve got to admit, the excitement surrounding this release has me incredibly curious about it. I’m definitely checking this one out.

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