‘Framed 2’ Has Gone on Sale for $0.99 Just One Month After Launch

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I’ve been involved with the wild ride that is the iOS gaming community for some time now, and I’d like to think that not much can really surprise me at this point. However, upon my customary morning glance of Appshopper to hunt down the hottest deals to share with our lovely readers, one price drop in particular did manage to leave me speechless. Framed 2’s ($4.99) highly anticipated release only a few weeks ago has been one of the high points for mobile gaming so far in 2017, and in our review we adored Loveshack’s sequel to its incredibly stylish puzzler, as it made huge strides to improve on the original title. However, just under a month since its launch to much aplomb, Framed 2 has today gone on sale for $0.99, which is a true App Store bargain if there ever was one.

When a game that is as high profile as Framed 2 goes on sale for a mere dollar, it seems somewhat unappreciative to question why such a heavy discount has occurred so soon. Despite the strong support from Apple around its release, Framed 2 was consistently below its predecessor in the App Store charts last week according to AppAnnie, so perhaps this sale is a way to help rekindle interest in the game. After all, even though it may have received greater critical acclaim than the original Framed ($3.99), it is more of an evolution than revolution, and the concept is not as fresh as it may have been in 2014. However, this is pure speculation, and there’s no telling why or how long this sale may last for. I highly recommend that anyone who didn’t pick up the title when it launched to take advantage of this sale before it inevitably reverts back to its still incredibly reasonable $4.99 price tag, and let us know your impressions of Framed 2 on our forum thread.

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