‘Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two’ Hits the App Store

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Just as Telltale told us last week, Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two (Free) hit the App Store this morning. We’ve got an extensive review of the first Minecraft: Story Mode (Free) if you either didn’t play it or are just looking for a refresher. Story Mode is a fantastic example of Telltale’s ability to spin a compelling story out of nothing. After all, Minecraft ($6.99) has no plot to speak of beyond just being a survival-y crafting game with some vague end-game things players can go after. Inside of that world, you originally followed a gang of unknown builders in a story that played out a lot like The Goonies. (I say this as a good thing.) I can’t wait to dive into the second season, as your team of nobodies are now celebrities, which should add some interesting wrinkles into the mix.

Check out the trailer:

As usual, the first episode is available for $4.99. The way the lifecycle of these games typically work is the first episode will be paid, then will eventually transition to free once more episodes are released. Whether or not you want to wait for that is up to you, but since Telltale released The Walking Dead (Free), every episode of every one of their games has been well worth the money. Before Walking Dead? Well, … let’s not talk about that.

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