‘Siege: Titan Wars’ Is a Fun Mashup of Tons of Game Mechanics That Work Well on Mobile

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While it’s easy to feel a slight twinge of disappointment by how derivative a lot of new mobile titles feel, in a glass half full sense, it’s pretty remarkable how refined game mechanics that work well on mobile are getting. The latest example of a game that takes everything that’s popular in mobile and re-assembles the pieces in an increasingly polished way is Tilting Point and Simutronics’ Siege: Titan Wars (Free). It’s got elements of Clash Royale (Free), an art style that’s a bit closer to Vainglory (Free), and gameplay that mixes in more than a few dashes of those classic Castle Defense sort of games. Of course this is also wrapped in cards to collect and upgrade, chests that unlock in real-time, and player vs player combat with clans you can join if you want to play with friends.

The game’s tutorial walks you through the basic gist of what you’ll be doing: Building and assembling a deck of cards that are summoned using a constantly replenishing mana pool to (hopefully) overwhelm your opponent and eventually siege their castle. Card types include powerful titan units, warriors, and spells. Your warriors and titans just wander down the battlefield themselves, attacking anything in their way. The only thing you can target is your magic spells, which depending on your deck load-out can either be support spells that do things like heal your units or offensive spells which knock-back enemy units, burn ’em with fire, and more.

As you can see from the above trailer, the scale of these battles feel significantly more epic than other Clash Royale-likes, with battles typically ending with massive swarms of units fighting. Folks on our forums seem to be digging the game, and while it doesn’t feel like Siege: Titan Wars brings a whole lot of new stuff to the table, as a mash-up of popular game mechanics, it works quite well. Siege: Titan Wars is now available to download on the App Store, and it’s likely there won’t be a shortage of people to play against with its massive feature slot.


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