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‘FlipChamps Reloaded’ is the Refreshed Follow-Up to the 2015 Arcade Game ‘FlipChamps’

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Back in December of 2015 indie developer Brad Erkkila released a really clever multiplayer-focused arcade game called FlipChamps (Free) to the App Store. The concept was really simple. You had a platform in each corner of the screen and tapping on any of them would cause your character to flip to it. Little energy orbs would appear in between the paths of the platforms so your goal was to quickly transport yourself from platform to platform on the correct path for you to collect the orbs. These would slowly fill your attack ability bar and once filled you could unleash an attack of some kind depending on which character you were playing as. A second character played on the screen at the same time, either AI controlled or controlled by another human using the other half of the screen, and whichever character was able to fill up their attack meter and hit the other one first would be the winner. It was a really neat concept for a game and a really fun same-device multiplayer game, and now after almost two years Erkkila is releasing a fleshed-out follow-up to FlipChamps called FlipChamps Reloaded. Check out the trailer.

As you can see, the visuals are a lot clearer this time around and there’s even more unique characters and attack types to choose from. It definitely felt like the original FlipChamps was a cool concept that could have gone even further, so I’m happy to see it being juiced up in FlipChamps Reloaded. If this developer’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he has collaborated many times with Colin Lane on games like Golf Zero (Free) and most recently Touchdowners (Free), among releasing his own games like FlipChamps and It’s a Space Thing (Free), so there’s good reason to be excited for something new from him. No release date has been set just yet but FlipChamps Reloaded will likely arrive sometime in August.

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