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‘Rome: Total War – Alexander’ Coming to Your iPad This Summer

This is a good day for those who enjoy stellar strategy games on their devices because Feral Interactive just announced it’s bringing Rome: Total War – Alexander to the iPad later this summer. This is another great standalone expansion to Rome: Total War, and this one takes us back in time and offers a whole new map that starts in Macedonia and goes all the way to the Persian Empire. It offers four new factions to the game, including the Macedonians (of course), the Persians, and the Indians. Those new armies bring over 25 new units to the game, including the famous Macedonian Phalanx.

The game’s campaign spans six historical battles that tell the story of one of the biggest invasion in ancient history and should offer fun new tactics to adopt. Feral Interactive has been doing a great job on the Rome: Total War ports, so I expect this one to be great as well. This standalone expansion will be $4.99 and should be coming relatively soon.