‘Hearthstone’ ‘Ragnaros’ Fire Festival’ Offers Emotes as Rewards – 2x Gold Festival Also Live

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Hearthstone (Free) is celebrating its Midsummer Fire Festival, and that means extra rewards for you as well as a brand new brawl called Ragnaros’ Fire Festival. The Midsummer Fire Festival will last for two weeks and will give you 2x gold for all the quests completed during the event. Given that there’s an expansion coming in August, this will be a good time to get plenty of gold in your coffers. As for the brawl, you make your own deck and then go against an opponent as usual, but there’s a fun twist: the brawl includes a 2/3 Immune Mini-Rag that changes sides and attacks on every turn. Once it takes down a minion, it gets +1 attack.

The extra twist is that the higher Mini-Rag’s attack gets, the better reward you get, so you won’t be trying to kill off your opponent as fast as possible this time around (although you still want to win by the end). When Mini-Rag kills 8 Minions before one of the players dies, you both get Level 1 Fireworks for your wow emote. 30 Minions get you to Level 2 Fireworks and 60 to Level 3.

This is the first time in the game where we get emote rewards. In terms of strategy, if you want to get those fireworks, build decks that fill up the board and bring plenty of deathrattle minions to delay the inevitable. Hopefully your opponent will do something similar.

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