‘Candy Crush’ Getting Special Events and Mario Lopez as In-Game Host

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As we’ve talked about recently, Candy Crush Saga (Free) is about to get a TV game show soon. Unsurprisingly, there will be many in-game events celebrating that game show. These in-game live events (four of them each week) will emulate the challenges contestants will face in the game show. Completing one of them will give you prizes, and completing all four each week will give you a ton of rewards. These events will be running for 48 hours every weekend throughout the 10 weeks of the show, starting July 7th. There will be a TV widget in-game that will lead to you all those challenges.

In addition to getting the challenges, Candy Crush Saga will get a digital version of Mario Lopez, and he will be giving you the various game show-related challenges to complete. This is a good cross-promotion on behalf of King since it will get people watching the show to get into the game (if they don’t already play it) and the ones playing the game to watch the show.

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