Next ‘Hearthstone’ Expansion Coming in August, It Will Include Adventure-Like Content

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The Hearthstone (Free) developer Q&A is over, and while there was some interesting info regarding balancing the game, the information most will be interested in is that the next expansion is coming in August. Ben Brode is apparently super excited about the upcoming expansion, although we don’t have any more details or hints on the theme. We will know all that on July 6th, when the developers will officially announce the next expansion. Expect this expansion to feel different than previous ones because it will be the first expansion-adventure hybrid in the history of the game, since we are officially moving away from Adventures in the future.

According to Mike Donais, they wanted to make the meta change more substantially, and for that they needed to be adding more cards every time. At the same time, they know Adventures and single-player content in general is one of the players’ favorite thing and is great for setting up the scene. So, the August expansion will be a combination of the two in the form of free missions that will act as mini-Adventures, and those will be free for all players.

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