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Early ‘Command & Colors Ancients’ Screenshots Look Promising

Command & Colors Ancients is still under development, and today we got to see some early screenshots as well as some new info about the game’s development. The developer, HexWar, talked about the early challenge of getting the right “feel" for close combat, laying out the units clearly (which will be important once the game hits mobile screens), and communicating the various game actions correctly. While the game features a relatively simple card set, it has more complex rules for close combat, and those can be confusing. The developers took in player feedback and improved the way information is displayed to make the game more accessible.

There’s still plenty of work to be done—like adding AI opponent, adding terrain and multiplayer features—so the game has a ways to go. It will be a nice addition to mobile wargaming and should be great for asynchronous play. The screenshots are from pretty early builds, so the game won’t probably look like this once it’s done. No word yet on a possible release date.