Redesigned Twitch App Will Make Watching Our Channel Easier

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Game streaming is becoming increasingly big business and a factor in game success, and Twitch (Free) is currently the king of streaming, which is probably because we are streaming there now (we take full responsibility for the platform’s success). The Twitch app, though, is still clunky to use since it’s still based on the way the Twitch homepage used to look before it was recently overhauled. Fortunately, the app is about to be overhauled as well, with a new version rolling out for iOS and Android over the next 2 weeks.

The new mobile app will include the Dark Mode, which will let you watch our streams at night without going blind. Notifications will also be improved, which will make it easier to keep track of when we stream. There are many other improvements coming to the app, and you can check them all here. And don’t forget to follow the TouchArcade Twitch channel to know when we’re streaming.

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