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‘JiPPO! Street’ is an Arcade Game About Matching Dice to Build Buildings, Coming July 6th

You may be familiar with Finnish husband-and-wife development duo Kiemura from their previous mobile releases like Tiltagon (Free), Hovercrash (Free), and (Free), and this week they’ve announced their newest mobile project called JiPPO! Street. In the game you’ll be tasked with building houses along a street by way of matching dice. A dump truck will drop off one die and you’ll control a crane carrying another die, and you’ll need to quickly swipe to change the face of the die on your crane so that it matches with the die on the ground before the crane drops it right on top. It’s actually a much simpler concept than I’m making it sound, as you can see in the trailer for JiPPO! Street.

The idea for JiPPO! Street came about when the lovely folks at Kiemura were recalling the 6-bit RGB palette of the Sega Master System which only allowed for 64 colors. They decided to try and create a game sticking to that limited palette of colors and use a voxel graphical style to give it a retro-ish feel but still maintain a modern, 3D look. JiPPO! Street will come with multiple unlockable buildings and themes with more planned for updates, and will reward you based on how quickly you’re able to make matches and build those buildings. It seems like a well-suited game for mobile and you can check it out yourself when it launches next week on July 6th.