‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Skyrim Content Is Live – Dragons and Shouts Galore

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Fans of Skyrim, it’s time to revisit those Dragon Shouts and famous heroes, but this time in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls: Legends (Free). The Heroes of Skyrim expansion, which has just gone live, introduces 154 new cards to the game and allows you to enjoy all the famous locations and people from Skyrim. You’ll get to see allies like Aela the Huntress, J’Zargo, and Delphine, as well as Dragons like Alduin and Paarthurnax. The update has added over a dozen new Daily Quests, which include goals relating to Companions and the College of Winterhold. Some of the quests will give you new Skyrim packs as rewards.

Heroes of Skyrim also introduces the Keyword Shouts: every time you play a Shout in the game, all your Shout cards level up (maxing out at level 3). While their costs remain the same, the cards get more powerful. Beast Form is another new mechanic that causes Companions to change into Werewolves when you break an enemy rune. There are many more features and changes in this update, and you can check them all here. And no, still no word on the iPhone version.

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