Card Game ‘Krosmaga” Gets ‘Necros & Paladirs’, Its First Expansion

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Krosmaga (Free), the card game that lets you play as a god, has just received its first expansion called Necros & Paladirs. This new expansion adds a ninth god to the game, Enutrof, and more than 150 cards. As you can see from the very cute trailer below, the new expansion is about provoking and awaking an ancient evil that brings about Necros. The 9th god loves to amass precious things, and his disciples are great at using shovels and picks and looking for buried treasures. There are disciples that can fuse with their favorite animals, which in terms of gameplay allows them to combine the strengths of two Minions. There are also actions like Prism Sacrifice, which allows players to exchange prisms for spells or additional abilities.

If you decide to play Enutrof, you can do so either as an Aggro, Midrange, or Control deck, so plenty of ways to build his decks. Every Krosmaga player will get three Necros & Paladirs packs free, which means 15 cards. The update is live, so go check out the new god, and read our review of the game here to learn more about it.


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