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‘Desperate Housewives: The Game’ Will Blend Murder-Mystery With Role-Playing

Many of you might not remember how big the Desperate Housewives TV show was, since it’s been off the air for some time now, but the show had quite a big following. Now there’s a game called, well, Desperate Housewives: The Game, coming to mobile soon that’s hoping to blend the gameplay from games like Episodes and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and is aiming for an older demographic than other similar games.

As you can see from the trailer above, the game has you do the usual actions of free-to-play games like Kim Kardashian—decorate your house, get new clothes, and all that. However, it also adds a layer of narrative on top of all those mechanics that has to do with figuring out a murder mystery. Wisteria Lane, where the show is set, is probably the street with the most murders per capita in the world, so a murder mystery is appropriate. It might not most players’ cup of tea, but I think Desperate Housewives: The Game can find an audience. The game is going live worldwide very soon.