‘Ultimate General: Gettysburg’ Has Marched Onto iPhones

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Ultimate General: Gettysburg ($3.99) is one of the prettiest real-time strategy games on any platform, and two years after landing on iPads, it has finally marched onto your iPhones after the latest update. The game was originally released on PCs, and even though the iOS version lost some great features—multiplayer and dynamic campaign—it is still a great game. Ultimate General has a 10-mission campaign that you can play either as the North or the South, great touch controls that let you move your armies around easily, and pretty strong AI that will give you plenty of challenge.

The game also has features like soldier morale and fatigue, which makes your soldiers feel less like robots and more like actual soldiers. Add to all this some gorgeously rendered maps, and you have yourself a great strategy game. And at $3.99, it truly is a steal.


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