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‘GRID Autosport’ Developer Feral Interactive Teases Game Codenamed ‘Lionheart’, Coming ‘Quite Soon’ to iOS

Feral Interactive have struck a rich vein of form lately, with the ports of the classic Rome: Total War ($9.99) strategy series bringing some true in-depth tactical action to the iPad. Furthermore, despite some sadly necessary delays in development, the first early glimpses of the mobile iteration of GRID Autosport have looked stunning, as the British developers look to emphasise their pedigree in porting titles to the App Store. You’d think with all this going on that the developers wouldn’t have time for any other projects, however a cryptic tweet on their official Twitter account somehow suggests otherwise. In a similar style to their previous teases on social media, Feral Interactive have announced that a new game codenamed ‘Lionheart’ is on the way to the App Store, with a vague release date of ‘quite soon’.

While there are virtually no details on ‘Lionheart’ at this incredibly early stage, there are some subtle clues that could perhaps help reveal this new game’s identity. Firstly, the name — whether ‘Lionheart’ is a pseudonym for a completely different title, or is literally a port of the 2003 PC role-playing game Lionheart: Legacy of a Crusader from early Fallout publishers Black Isle Studios, is still to be seen. Based on Feral Interactive’s past catalogue of strategy-focused ports, a mobile version of this old medieval title would not be too big a stretch. However, their previous teaser suggests that ‘Lionheart’ is merely a codename, in which case the only hint that has been given is a brick mosaic of everyone’s favorite king of the jungle that can be seen in the screenshot above. Excited Twitter users have suggested everything from a new Rome: Total War expansion to Rise of the Tomb Raider, and while in truth we have literally no idea what ‘Lionheart’ could be, feel free to join in the fervent speculation on our forum thread.