‘Punch Quest’ Has Been Updated for 64-Bit Support, Future Apple TV Support Hinted?

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The App Store is like an awful b-list zombie movie at the moment, with classic games fading left, right and center at the hands of Apple’s relentless 32-bit Appocalypse. While a number of titles have since been updated to 64-bit to stay around when iOS 11 rolls into town, the very nature of this new requirement for applications means a number of true classics will soon suddenly disappear, which is disappointing for the platform as a whole. Thankfully, one such cult iOS hit has today confirmed its continued presence on the App Store. As we first reported last week, Rocketcat Games and Madgarden’s Punch Quest (Free) has been updated to bring it into compliance with Apple’s 64-bit regulations, and the developers have also strongly hinted at later successive updates that could add features such as Apple TV support.

Having followed Rocketcat religiously since the early Hook Champ ($2.99) days, I can vividly remember eagerly anticipating Punch Quest all the way back in 2012, and so I’m naturally delighted by its continued presence on my iPhone. It’s a little sad that developers have to take these steps so that perfectly functioning games have to remain relevant, but that’s just the reality of 2017’s App Store, I suppose. However, the official Rocketcat Games Twitter feed has suggested that another Punch Quest update is possible sometime down the line, with main man Kepa Auwae suggesting Apple TV support on our Discord Server. This is by no means confirmation of such an addition to the game, and the developers have underlined that Death Road to Canada ($12.99) and its upcoming COCCYX update remains their immediate priority. Regardless, support five years down the line is awesome – if you have any suggestions for the future of Punch Quest, swing by our vibrant community on the TouchArcade Discord Server for more discussion.

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