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All Five of the First “Sega Forever” Titles Are Now Soft Launched in the Philippines

We posted about the Sega Forever announcement earlier this morning, and since then it seems that all five of the first batch of new (well, old, but new) free to play classic titles are available for download in the Philippines App Store. If you’re curious how to get them now instead of waiting for them to hit the US App Store, you can follow our guide from Brawl Stars which should work basically the same- Just substitute the Philippines for Canada.

Anyway, here’s the list of forum threads for all the Sega Forever games available so far in the Philippines:

All of the games except for Sonic are 4:3 letter boxed on widescreen devices, and in Sonic you can play as both Tails and Knuckles. Many folks in our community suspected that if you owned the original Sonic the Hedgehog it’d get updated and translate over to a free no-ads IAP, but that seems unlikely given this new Sonic is a totally different app ID from the old Sonic. Also, speaking of the old Sonic release, the comments from the original post on the game are something else, with many folks completely rejecting the $5.99 game for being “too expensive." (Is anyone surprised free to play took over?)

It’s anyone’s guess as to when these will roll out to the rest of the world, but my bets are on somewhere in between 11:00 PM and 3:00 AM Eastern time based on previous releases, but Sega could really flip the switch at any time. As always, keep your eye on TouchArcade to find out when you can download these games.