Someone Just Came Across an Unbelievable Secret in ‘Threes!’

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Have you ever known someone for years only for them to do something that makes you question if you really ever knew them? Okay, so that feeling, but video game. Most of us at TouchArcade Towers have been playing Threes! ($5.99) for years now. It’s one of my go-to games when I need to relax for a bit, so I’m always getting in a round or two on a regular basis. And yet! It seems this game was hiding a little old secret, one that seems to have taken a really long time for anyone to figure out. 3.33 years, to be precise. Brace yourself, there are spoilers ahead for something most of us probably would have never found out on our own anyway.

Did you think Threes! was an endless score chaser? Yeah, us too. But it’s not. It has an ending, and someone just found it. ThreesPorn is an aptly-named Twitter account that is dedicated to all things Threes!. This evening, they found themselves on the verge of making a match they had never made before in the game. Luckily for all of us, they chose to film it. We’ll just let the tweet and video speak for themselves here.

So yeah, there you have it. Threes! has an ending. A glorious, wonderful ending. A secret kept for literal years, and now we all suddenly have some homework to do, don’t we? Congratulations, ThreesPorn. You truly are the best of the best!

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