Uppercut Games’ ‘Epoch’ and ‘Epoch 2’ Updated for 64-Bit

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Uppercut Games last grace mobile with the interesting climbing adventure game Submerged ($4.99) last year, but they were first known on mobile for doing the Epoch ($0.99) and Epoch 2 ($0.99), cover-based shooters featuring robots. Lots and lots and lots of robots. The games were unfortunately set to be lost to the 32-bit appocalypse when iOS 11 hits and removes support for 32-bit apps. However, that venomous fate has been avoided as Uppercut has gone in and updated the two robot shooters for 64-bit support. Huzzah!

Both games are also available for the low price of $0.99 each, though they have been this way for a while. So, if you want some good-looking robot blasting that will work for the foreseeable future, this is the way to go. Hopefully more significant games from the recent past on iOS will be made compatible in the coming days and weeks ahead of iOS 11.

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