‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ Servers Will Greatly Expand How You Play the Game

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You probably know by now that Microsoft has announced that Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99) will become just Minecraft and will have cross-play with all other platforms using the bedrock engine. The other new feature that’s been announced is servers coming to mobile, which will greatly expand how you can play the game. In a video and blog post published today, Microsoft offered a few more details on how the servers will work. First a necessary clarification: Realms and Servers are a different thing. Realms are private, cloud-hosted worlds hosted by Microsoft that you have to pay to run. Servers, on the other hand, are community-owned and are open to everyone who wants to join.

The servers will be offering activities like co-op exploration, PvP game modes, competitive builds, and more. I do share the concerns of many that going into a PvP fight against someone with a mouse and keyboard will be most probably a death sentence, but, as you’ll hear in the video, the server owners are trying to find modes and ways to play that will level the playing field. Are you interested in joining these servers once they become available later this summer?

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