‘Cars: Lightning League’, an Auto-Racer Spin-Off From ‘Cars 3’, Swerves Onto the App Store

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I’ll be honest with you – Cars is, in my view, one of the weaker Pixar films. Releasing at the precipice of my teenage years means it doesn’t have the nostalgic pull of some of the older Pixar franchises, and overall the cast of characters and story just felt a bit hollow and overly commercialised. However, I am no film critic, and this is a mobile gaming website, so such criticism of the movie is my long-winded way of saying that the latest Disney iOS adaptation of the series, titled Cars: Lightning League (Free), actually looks quite impressive for a spin-off title. While featuring the tried and true third person auto-running (or in this case, auto-driving) camera from Temple Run (Free), Cars: Lightning League looks to have some neat and varied gameplay elements that should appeal to younger readers and fans of the franchise alike.

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Launching alongside the Cars 3 movie, Cars: Lightning League features many of the colorful characters and locations from the third entry in the franchise, and like many similar titles these can be unlocked through acquiring an in-game currency. However, unlockable cars can be upgraded, and variable stats between vehicles mean the choice of character is more than a mere aesthetic decision. Swapping between lanes to avoid obstacles is complemented by some neat drifting sequences and timing-based boss battles, and while Cars: Lightning League is by no means a unique title, it should serve as a nice companion for anyone interested in the Cars 3 movie. Download Cars: Lightning League for free on the App Store today, and swerve over to our forum thread for more details and impressions on this latest Disney mobile release.

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