PS4’s ‘PlayLink’ Combines Your Smartphones and Tablets With Console Gaming

Sony continues to do interesting things with the Playstation platform, and the newly announced PlayLink is a great example. As announced at E3, PlayLink combines your phone or tablet and the PS4 to offer new Playstation experiences that take advantage of your phone’s touchscreen and camera. For instance, PlayLink game That’s You!, a comedy quiz game all about learning what your friends think about you, uses your smartphone as a way to take photos of each other and doodle on them.

What’s more interesting is a game like Hidden Agenda, a Telltale-style narrative game that has you and friends playing the same serial killer story, but some of you have hidden agendas assigned by the game, which makes for interesting interactions and detective work. It’s fun to see how developers are now taking for granted that players will have some kind of a smartphone and are designing with that in mind. And I’m glad to see Sony trying to use the smartphone for more than just PS4 companion apps. Looking forward to seeing how the PlayLink experience works out.