‘Angry Birds Evolution’ Has Launched, Offers Monthly Subscription

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Back in August of 2016, we wrote a story about Rovio soft-launching Angry Birds Evolution (Free), and after a year in soft launch purgatory, the game is now out in the US. If you haven’t heard anything about Angry Birds Evolution (or you’re confusing it with one of the many other Rovio games currently in soft launch), know that this game is Rovio’s take on the “bumper cars" style battling popularize by games such as Monster Strike (Free). You mostly slingshot your characters around with the purpose of hitting your opponent’s character at the right angle and with the right amount of power. It’s quite a fun mechanic that can make for some fun gaming moments.

As you can also guess from the game’s name, you get to collect and evolve your “flock," with over 100 new Angry Birds waiting to be collected. And you get to build your team from your collection, which could end up creating fun “metas" depending on how different the birds are. The game comes with features like weekly events and, of course, PvP, which should be quite fun.

And in an interesting move, Angry Birds Evolution also offers a subscription service that gives you one Premium Egg Ticket every day and 10% more gold and gems when purchasing stuff from the shop. And it costs $24.99 a month, which is pretty high for a F2P game. I’m pretty sure Rovio will be paying close attention to the subscription numbers to see how to tinker with this feature in upcoming games.

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