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‘Crashing Season: Run’ Is an Upcoming Sequel to the Entertaining ‘Crashing Season’

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Crashing Season (Free) was a fun and quite good-looking game that had you running around as different animals and knocking every obstacle around you into oblivion. Now, the developer Koukoi Games is developing a sequel called Crashing Season: Run, and it will still feature all those cute animal characters from the original, but this time around you’ll be piloting all kinds of silly vehicles instead of just running around using the power of your own legs. If it sticks with the same art style, I’m sure it will also look pretty nice.

In Crashing Season: Run you will have to, of course, unlock the various vehicles you’ll be piloting around, and the developers are hoping to make the game even more social, although we’ll have to wait to see how that actually works in practice. No word on when the game will be coming out, but if you like fun runners, you might want to keep an eye out for Crashing Season: Run.

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