Check Out Footage of the ARKit Integration in ‘Pokemon Go’

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One of the reveals from the WWDC 2017 keynote was Apple’s introduction of ARKit, a toolset for developers that want to implement augmented reality into their games. And Apple got the augmented reality game to add ARKit support for compatible devices, Pokemon Go (Free). But how is it going to perform? Well, check out some footage from a WWDC session talking about ARKit. You can watch the whole developer-foucsed video through Safari or the WWDC app . But thankfully one Reddit user has clipped out the key footage of ARKit in Pokemon Go:

It seriously looks so much cooler with the ARKit effects, as you can see the Pokemon as dynamic creatures in the real world, as opposed to the current AR solution. Ironically, this may mean that a game made by a Google-owned company will work better starting on iOS 11 than it does on Android, though Google is doing some AR technology as well. But still, if you’re a Pokemon Go player, the Pokemon capturing experience is about to be so much better.

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