Apple Launches Promote Page to Help Developers Get Noticed for Possible Featuring

The stories from developers when it comes to Apple and featuring are often strange and full of mystery. Apple itself is an odd company that does things to the beat of their own drummer, and it’s why they’re so successful now. But considering that featuring can be the difference between an app being a hit or flopping, it being an arcane process, often based on knowing the right person, or managing to get coverage on sites like TouchArcade, can be frustrating for developers. Well, Apple has just introduced a brand new page for developers that lets anyone submit their app to Apple for potential featuring.

What’s interesting is beyond the cursory information such as estimated release date (Developers will talk about how Apple will tell developers good days to launch games, or at least strongly suggest doing certain things like that), is the “your story" section. This is something when I’ve given talks at events before to developers that when promoting their game, they need to figure out the interesting story and hook behind their game. Whether that’s just something cool about the game or app itself, or an interesting story behind its creation, or if the developer themselves has an interesting story? That all helps! We’ve heard stories from developers that press coverage, especially here on TA, can be a major deciding factor in getting coverage, and so developers that get featured on TA probably want to leave links to that coverage in that box. Being smart, knowing what makes an app compelling, and showing that others who know compelling apps agree, will go a long way toward getting that desired featuring slot. And now developers can make their case straight to Apple.

Hat tip to Tinytouchtales!