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‘Swing King and the Temple of Bling’ Launching June 29th

Shedworks Games’ Swing King the Temple of Bling will be swinging into the App Store June 29th, and you should probably grab it if you like single-tap portrait games. As we’ve talked about in the past, Swing King is, well, all about swinging around poles to navigate a ton of levels and solve puzzles as you go along. The developers have added plenty of variety in their levels that should keep you entertained as you try to make it through the various levels. There are clamping doors that you have to time, spider webs you can stick on to help time your movement the way you want it, and more.

I like single-tap portrait modes for the single reason that I like multitasking, and being able to play a game while having my coffee is definitely a plus. Swing King and the Temple of Bling is coming out June 29th, and you can check our Upcoming Games forum thread for more information.