‘Monument Valley 2’ Behind-the-Scenes Video Talks Story and Development Process

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Everywhere you look today, you see Monument Valley 2 ($4.99) stories, which goes to show the impact the original Monument Valley made on the gaming community (and beyond) when it was released. To celebrate the release, Ustwo Games posted a behind-the-scenes video—made with the same artistry as the games—that’s definitely worth your time. The video talks about the shift in focus in the new game and the way the developers see narrative and gameplay as intertwined. The developers emphasize the importance of telling a mother’s story from her perspective rather than that of her children and hope to see parents and children experiencing the game together.

I’m glad to see a sequel to what was one of the most memorable games of the last few years, and it’s great to see a developer’s work being appreciated by so many. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been enjoying the game.

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