WWDC 2017: iOS 11 Gets Redesigned App Store with Games Tab

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Apple has announced a major redesign for the App Store. Two new tabs are coming to the App Store: Today, and Games. The Today tab is not only meant to show recent and exciting apps, but it’s also going to feature editorial content, featuring stories about the developers who make apps. This could prove to be interesting as a way to tell people about the humans behind many of the apps and games that they play.

Additionally, there’s a Games-specific tab. While Games will be part of Today, this Games tab will feature cards such as a daily list, Game of the Day, and a non-game App of the Day. There will also be a redesigned page for apps:

As well, developers can now do phased releases for apps, and say that most apps will be reviewed in under 24 hours.

Images from MacRumors live blog]

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