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‘Wrestle Wrun’ Looks Like a Cool Auto-Running Wrestling Action Game

Games where you run and deliver smackdowns to one’s opponents in the way are some of the best mobile games out there. I mean, have you ever played Punch Quest (Free)? It’s one of my favorite mobile games of all time and it’s a game you should play. But the run-and-brawl genre has remained sadly bereft of great entries since then. But by gawd, is that Wrestle Wrun‘s music?!

Yes, Wrestle Wrun is a fantastic-looking game of wrunning and wrestling. I chatted with one of the developers: Bannon Rudis, of River City Ransom Underground fame, who’s working on the game with Joseph Simons, who’s worked on Killer Instinct and other titles. While Wrestle Wrun does involve auto-running, it will be a level-based game, with bosses to wrestle along the way. Controls are a simple two-thumb scheme: there’s jump and grab commands on each side of the screen, with the ability to stop and block. Moves can be charged, and will vary based on if you’re in the ground, ascending, or descending.

You’ll be controlling a tag-team of two wrestlers, each with their own health, but if one wrestler goes down, then the whole team is down for the count. Right now, there’s four wrestlers in the game; each character has their own set of moves to utilize, so you can mix and match characters to find the perfect team. Hurk Holdem can’t dash, but he has moves to do short-range clotheslines, and can knock enemies far away, along with a mid-air leg drop. Blue Rey, can do a suplex, piledriver, hurricanarana, and a double jump. Do well and you can fill up the Muscle Meter at the bottom of the screen, unleashing BURZURK mode, giving you powerful upgrades.

All this in the name of reclaiming the Legendary Belt from the Hellfire League. Wrestle Wrun is still in development, and there’s no estimated release date as the title’s in part-time development between the developers’ day jobs. Wrestle Wrun looks like it’ll be worth the wait, though.