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Interactive Fiction Game ‘Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood’ Hits iOS in July

Andrew Schneider is an author who’s jumping into the field of interactive fiction with the release of Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood, coming in early July. Much like some of the top interactive fiction games out there, this won’t just be like a choose-your-own-adventure novel. No, there’s resource management and even base-building aspects to contend with. Impressively, this is all built in Twine, and Schneider has worked with Twine creator Chris Klimas, to bring this game to mobile in the new Twine mobile engine, Disbound. Twine is perhaps the most popular tool for interactive fiction development, and this is an impressive use of the mobile engine of Twine. Check out the cinematic trailer showing off gameplay with some fine LARPing action:

Your Robin can be a man or woman, and there will be nine romanceable characters, including same and opposite-gender relationships. Over 400,000 words of text will provide for over 10 hours of gameplay, by the developer’s estimates. Plus, there’s 127 pieces of hand-drawn art. Nocked hits iOS on July 8th, and will run you $5.99.