White Ranger and Missions Coming to ‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ Today

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If you are a Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (Free) player, you’re going to like the latest update. This update adds Tommy Oliver, the original White Ranger to the game. Apparently, Jason David Frank, the actor who portrayed Tommy Oliver in the series, helped design the White Ranger’s moves. And while adding a new character might be fun, the most important part of this update is how the game has reworked the combat ruleset. After feedback from the community, the developers have changed quite a few things on how you fight. Strikes now defeat Breakers at any time during the Breaker animation, the hit reaction from an incoming attack on an Assist warrior will now carry over to the leader warrior, and recovery time has been reduced so that blocked players have a better chance at countering.

In addition to the combat refinements, the game now includes a Mission System, which is daily and weekly challenges that offer some good rewards. And there’s a new League and additional warriors, so definitely plenty of new content for you to play with.

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