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Party Game ‘Chicken Jump’ Looking for Android and iOS Beta Testers

If you want some more gaming silliness in your life, you might want to apply for the Chicken Jump beta for iOS and Android. This game is trying to invent a new genre according to its developers called “Endless Stander;" all you do is try and time your jump as best you can so you can survive all the incoming vehicles, buildings, and other such craziness. As you can see from the trailer, you get to control as many little humans as you can at the same time and try to save them from their impending doom. Or you can play the game with others on the same device.

As is the case with these kinds of games, there are tons of characters you can unlock, but the fun part is that the characters in Chicken Jump come with different special abilities, like slowing down the traffic. The game also has minigames for extra silliness. You can already get the beta version of the game on Android and also apply for the iOS beta here.