The Card Game ‘Magic Quest: TCG’ Has an Actual Auction House for Card Trading

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Most card games on the App Store let you collect cards but not trade them with others, which creates all kinds of issues for those looking to play those games on a budget. Magic Quest: TCG (Free), which has just released on iOS and Android, lives up to the Trading Card Game part of the name by offering players an Auction House where they can make get some gold for their extra cards. Now, that doesn’t mean the whole action house thing will work well, but I’m glad to see that option offered in a card game. In terms of gameplay, Magic Quest doesn’t seem to be bringing anything terribly original to the formula, and I do wish they had picked a more original name.

The game offers a campaign, cross-platform PvP, dungeons to clear, crafting, and more. And you can play it offline, which I know many of you always like. The game is out now, so go check it out if that Auction House sounds interesting to you.

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