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Silly Puzzle RPG ‘Star Vikings Forever’ Jumps from Steam to Mobile this July

Developer Rogue Snail, creators of the recently released Chroma Squad ($4.99), have announced that they’ll be partnering up with Akupara Games to bring their hit puzzle RPG Star Vikings Forever from Steam to iOS and Android this July. Star Vikings originally launched in October of last year on desktop and aimed to capture that classic “PopCap Era" of magic with highly polished puzzle game design that respects the player’s intelligence. From their Steam page, “Star Vikings was designed for people who miss casual games from a time before ‘free to play’ and microtransactions, when quality, fun and accessibility came before ‘monetization!'" I KNOW there’s some fans of THAT type of philosophy around these parts. Check out the awesome Steam release trailer for Star Vikings and crank up the sound if you dig inspiring ’80s rock anthems.

Features in Star Vikings Forever will include an 8+ hour story mode with a New Game Plus mode, 6 classes of characters with unique and upgradeable abilities, craftable and collectible hats because every game is better with hats, and procedurally-generated puzzles for pretty much endless replayability. Star Vikings has received positive praise on Steam and it seems like the perfect sort of game for the mobile audience. While no specific release date has been set, Rogue Snail and Akupara have said we can expect Star Vikings Forever sometime in early July.