‘Pokemon GO’ Legendary Pokemon and Player Battles Probably Coming this Summer

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We recently wrote about Pokemon GO (Free) probably getting Legendary Pokemon this summer, and today we got more evidence of that as well as new information about upcoming features. In a recent interview (that you can find here but will need to Google Translate) Mathieu de Fayet, Niantic’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, talked about how the developers intend to keep people’s interest in the long run. After saying how they learned from Ingress, their other game, that a game needs to create social interactions between players, he stated that they are working on giving more value to team choice and enabling battles between players. Additionally, they are planning on releasing Legendary Pokemon.

Fayet said that these new features are planned for this coming summer, so hopefully we’ll be getting those features soon. This statement matches the developer’s earlier tease about a Legendary summer coming, so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing these features soon. After all, Niantic would be mad to miss out on reigniting interest in the game during the summer months. Hopefully, we’ll hear more information soon.

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