Microsoft’s ‘Mixer’ Joins the Mobile Livestreaming War

It’s not a great insight to say that livestreaming is transforming gaming as we know it, with the familiar recorded Let’s Play being replaced by live-streamed ones. All the big companies are joining the party, with Amazon grabbing Twitch, Google buying Youtube, and Microsoft announcing yesterday that it’s renaming Beam, the livestreaming platform it purchased, into Mixer. Mixer is an interactive livestreaming platform that won’t have any latency—unlike other platforms—so players and viewers can interact in real-time. Or, at least, that’s the goal.

Mixer has already launched beta versions of its iOS and Android apps called Mixer Create, both of which will support self-broadcasting and the ability to stream mobile games. Services like Twitch are already established, but Mixer will be available to and easy to use for all who have Windows OS. Let’s see who’ll prevail in the war over your viewing habits.