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Retro-Inspired Shoot-Em-Up ‘Enceladus’ Is the Next Game From the Developers of ‘Guns of Mercy’

Despite only releasing action shooter Guns of Mercy (Free) back in March of this year, developers Storybird are not ones to rest on their laurels after an impressive four star review earlier this month, and are already looking to the future. Guns of Mercy support through impending content updates is slated to remain, with a major addition on the cards in the very near future, poised to add a brand new game mode and numerous other features to this already value-packed colorful arcade release. However, Storybird have suggested on our forums that after this next update, they will begin to work on a new project alongside Guns of Mercy, in the form of an upcoming PC and iOS shoot-em-up project titled Enceladus.

While keeping the same vibrant retro-inspired aesthetic that Storybird has maintained over the course of its numerous releases, Enceladus moves from the running and gunning premise of Guns of Mercy to a new top-down shoot-em-up perspective. In keeping with the many tropes of the genre, Enceladus features chaotic enemy assaults that must be avoided through twitch controls, and typically devastating weapons that should help you wreak havoc on aliens attempting to commit genocide to the human race. Enceladus may not necessarily be trying to reinvent the wheel, but its core mechanic of being able to teleport away from potentially fatal opposing fire is particularly neat, and adds an extra element of awareness and planning to what looks like a promising shoot-em-up title. Although Enceladus is set to release first on PC, the developers have stated that a mobile version with special levels focused around teleportation will also be launched – visit Storybird’s website for more details on the development of Enceladus, and head down to our forum thread for further details on its eventual iOS release.