‘Discord’ Hits 45 Million Users and Growing – Come Join Our Server

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Discord (Free), the pretty cool chat and voice service, continues to grow at a pretty rapid pace, growing from around 11 million users last July to over 45 million users presently. That’s a pretty big increase in less than a year, which shows that more and more users—gamers and not—are shifting over to Discord for their chatting needs. The chat app has an average of 8.9 million people logging in daily and has seen up to 4 million concurrent users recently. All in all, it looks like Discord has found plenty of fertile ground to grow in the gaming community, which is great news for gamers.


Speaking of Discord, if you haven’t yet joined our Discord server, you’re definitely missing out on some very fun times. All of us working here at the TouchArcade tower, many mobile developers, and many members of the TouchArcade community are on it already. Our Discord community continues to grow, so you should definitely join if you haven’t already. You can join by using this link. We even have a special channel for our Patreon backers (which you can join by following these instructions). So, come hang out!

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