Multiplayer-Focused ‘Stickman Skate Battle’ Now Available in the App Store

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In early February we learned that Djinnworks would be taking on the sport of skateboarding with their popular Stickman aesthetic in a game called Stickman Skate Park. Then in late March, we got word that Stickman Skate Park had been renamed Stickman Skate Battle to put emphasis on its online multiplayer battling. Now, following a short beta test period, Stickman Skate Battle (Free) has arrived as of early yesterday. It offers a bunch of different parks to skate in, plus tons of unlockable characters and skate equipment. Check out the launch trailer to see Stickman Skate Battle in action.

I’ve only spent a few minutes with Stickman Skate Battle so far, but it seems promising. It uses an interesting control scheme with a virtual stick for movement and a multi-purpose button on the right for performing ollies and tricks. I’m still coming to grips with the controls but early impressions are that it should be pretty solid. As for the rest of the game, I still need to dive into the online competition after I practice a bit more, but if you’ve had this one on your radar then give the free download of Stickman Skate Battle a try and drop your own impressions in the forum thread.

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