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Guitar Learning Game ‘Rocksmith’ Soft Launches in Canada

Looking at the evolution of music games, Guitar Hero hit big, had a few spinoffs (like DJ Hero) and then Rockband became a thing where you could get friends together and play as the whole band. The “problem" with these games is they’re definitely deep into game territory and even if you’re a Guitar Hero master, that doesn’t mean you have any idea how to play a guitar. Rocksmith changed all that, and instead of playing with a plastic toy guitar you played the game with an actual guitar, allowing you to learn the instrument in 60 days. Check out the original console release trailer:

We just got news that Rocksmith soft launched on the Canadian App Store, and is playable either by using an acoustic guitar and your iOS device’s microphone, or by using an appropriate set of adapters to plug in your electric guitar. There’s a bunch of apps on the App Store that work similarly, but Rocksmith is packed with licensed music and highly recognizable songs. Rocksmith is free to download, and comes with four free songs. Additional songs are available for purchase, and more songs will be added constantly.

No word on when it’ll launch globally just yet, but I feel like practically everyone reading TA probably also has a Canadian iTunes account.

Canadian App Store Link: Rocksmith, Free