Latest ‘Clash of Clans’ ‘Captain’s Log’ Update Teaser Is Trolling Everyone

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I think it’s pretty fair to say that Supercell has decided to troll the many Clash of Clans (Free) players. If you’ve been keeping up with the teasers for the huge upcoming Clash of Clans update, you’ll know that the Captain’s Day Logs haven’t exactly been bursting with content; actually, you could say that they’ve barely contained any content at all. The fourth teaser, aptly named Losing My Mind, is all about Hog Rider singing about losing his mind because he’s been in the water for too long. It’s pretty easy to see that Supercell is teasing all those players who’ve been getting impatient and have started complaining about the lack of information in these teasers.

Do you think there’s information in this teaser that we’re just not seeing? Some reddit users think so, but personally I’m not so sure. We still don’t have a date for the update release, but it shouldn’t be too far off (I hope).

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