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Crescent Moon’s ‘Subdivision Infinity’ Releases on May 25th

Crescent Moon’s next published title has a release date. Subdivision Infinity, a space shooter developed by Mistfly Games, will release on May 25th. Good news for fans of console-style experiences on mobile: not only is MFi controller support in the game, but so is Apple TV support. Play the game on a TV like everyone’s favorite dying form of gaming! I’m sure that quip won’t trigger any angry comments below.

Subdivision Infinity will feature over 40 missions to play through across five different locations in space, not to mention a variety of side-quests to take on. And if you just want to get involved in some free-flying space shooting, mining, and exploration, well, you can do that. They’re keeping us in suspense as far as the price goes, but you’ll find out when this releases next week, I suppose…