Dinosaurs Are Heading to ‘Rodeo Stampede’ in Next Thursday’s Jurassic Update

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It feels like just yesterday that Rodeo Stampede (Free) *ahem* stampeded onto the App Store, but in fact it was back in June of last year that it first arrived. During a time of Crossy Road-alikes galore, it was easy to see screenshots of Rodeo Stampede and think it’s just another one of those, but its super unique (and super fun!) jump-from-animal-to-animal mechanic made the game stand out from the rest, and our own Rob Funnell loved the game in his review. Since that original release, Rodeo Stampede has received some of the best post-launch support I’ve ever seen, including adding in tons of new species of animals, special holiday events, and an entire breeding system so you could raise adorable baby animals and talk in baby talk to them. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, the point is that Rodeo Stampede is pretty awesome, and it looks to get even better next Thursday when a new Jurassic update will add a ton of awesome dinosaurs into the mix.

Is there really anything not appealing about riding on the backs of stampeding dinosaurs? And what is with that T-Wrecks? He’s like a semi-truck but in dinosaur form. Awesome. You’ll need to have gotten to level 3 of the Jungle before unlocking the Jurassic content, but once you do have the ability to travel through time and into the era of dinosaurs, you’ll also get the obligatory Space Zoo for which you’ll capture and pen them in for the amusement of us humans, the dominent species. Hopefully we can reenact a Jurassic Park scenario where the fences don’t hold and the dinos get loose and wreak havoc on us all, teaching us a lesson about messing with nature and playing God at the same time. Or it will just be a cool dinosaur zoo. Anyway, look for the Jurassic update to Rodeo Stampede to land next Thursday.

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