‘Leap Day’ Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Tons of Cool New Content

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One year ago today, Leap Day (Free) had the crazy idea of being an auto-running platformer built around having a brand new level each and every day. Combined with a vertical level design that could easily be played in portrait with one thumb, and absolutely spot-on physics and jumping mechanics, Leap Day totally pulled off what it was hoping to do. It’s a challenging platformer completely tailored to mobile play. The formula seems to have proven popular too, as Leap Day has received a ton of additional content over the course of the past year feeding a hungry base of players. Well, to celebrate their one year anniversary, Nitrome have released the biggest update yet for Leap Day featuring tons of new enemies and obstacles to leap and wall jump your way through. Check out the new stuff in the trailer below.

The new content is designed to sort of drip feed out over the course of this next week, so if you’re like me and you sometimes lapse in playing every day (hey I get busy, ok??) then you should make a special effort to play each day’s level during this week to check out the new content while it’s fresh. Or you could be like Nicolas on Twitter who has used Leap Day as a tool to help him quit smoking, and has beaten each day’s level and not smoked for each day in the entire past year. That is likely a use case Nitrome never thought about but is one of the neatest stories I’ve seen. Go Nicolas!! If you somehow haven’t ever tried out Leap Day, it’s never too late to jump in and in fact you’d have an entire year’s worth of levels to keep you busy while you caught up. If you do play Leap Day already be sure to grab this latest update with all its wonderful goodies, and let’s hope that its success continues on for many more years to come.

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